Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Very Lupie Halloween

I've come to a realization last night while working on pt.2 that perhaps an artbook this early was a bit too ambitious. I have a tendency to run myself faster, and harder than I should. My ultimate goal is ofcourse having fans and making them happy. However I also would love to make a living at my art. Not only in Doujinshi, but VNs and pictures like these.

To put things in perspective, this picture would have cost around $70 to commission me, which considering that it took 12hours to finish, is around $5.80/hour that's less then minimum wage. To draw 8 pictures like this, it would be $560. To then break even I would have to sell 93 copies. That means that almost every person on my watch list would have to buy a copy.

That will never happen. I suspect at this rate, I might get 10 sales. I'd love a 100 sales, but that's wistful thinking. So I decided that I will be drawing three pictures.

Witch, Mummy, Maid

I will be giving them to you guys for free, in their full wallpaper size. I just ask that you watch and support me, and hopefully in the future as I grow and become better I can deliver you guys a great artbook.

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