Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm selling prints now on my DA account for the new Lupie picture. Ranging from 5"x5" at $1.29, or 20"x20" at  $24.99. In matte and gloss. This is a test to see if people will be interested in stuff like this in the future. As always I want a build a following, and try to have as much art for free (including any Doujinshi) but instead offer commissions, specialty stuff, and prints.

This helps me support myself and draw for you without having to go through ugly pay sites, having giant watermarks and tiny resolutions. So please help me out and check out my prints, my commission info. The more I can draw, the more I can spend 12-13 hours doing a huge piece like Toothbrush Puppy. Which I completed working full time, over two days. In the future I'd really love to put out a full 24 page Doujin book just for people to have. And then potential make actual prints of it with colored pages to sell. But i'd need to be able to afford to do that first.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stuff and Commissions.

I've been uploading pictures to Hentai Foundry, but it often takes 24hours before it actually gets posted (Also to Pixiv, it's instant thankfully) These are things that are probably not tasteful for my blog, and defiantly not for G+. Stuff like lolis and futas. So if you want to see that, you can see links to the right for both sites.

I'm also taking commissions now for those interested. My style is quite diverse, and so if you're interested, don't feel penned in by what you may think i'd be willing to draw. You can email me at or contact me on G+.

Prices below:


$15 Sketch

$20 Line-Art Drawing

$25 Quick Full-Color Digital
(Like such: [link] )

$50 Full-Color Digital
(Like such: [link] )

+$10 Detailed Background ($0 for basic background)

+$15 Additional Characters

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Twitter!

Keep updated if you want to see more of my upcoming erotic projects.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Chasing Tails: Cover Art

3-4 hours of sketching time as I worked through several versions, and perspectives. Combined with 10 hours in SAI and Photoshop. This manga won't actually be published. But I thought it would be awesome to make a cover nonetheless.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

This is the current stage of the cover for Chasing Tails. At this point I am going to skip lineart and go for full illustration. No details so far. But when finished there will be a censored version and a partial nudity version.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cross Networking

You can now find me at:

I'm also happy to reveal more about my new doujin

Chasing Tails takes place in a fantasy realm that exists along side modern earth where dragons, demons and mystical creatures are said to remain. It is not a very magical world. In fact it's actually very normal (Though when strange creatures accidentally cross the boundaries between worlds, they could be said to be magical?). More specifically the story takes place in an all girl's school in a city, not unlike a city on earth where two kindred spirits find something in common with each other. Chasing Tails will be an Ero-manga, focusing on the story of this yuri couple.


Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'11" (180cm)

As a character, Kaerou is a very free spirited girl who follows her impulses. An experience lover, and some would claim she had a past of collecting girlfriends, things change the first day, of her third year of Highschool. She is quite tall for her age, quite tall for most girls and is already quite fairly developed. Personality wise she follows her heart and is otherwise very caring.

Age: 15
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 4'6" (137cm)

Tenna is a foil to Kaerou. While the Foxgirl is fairly adventurous and outgoing. Tenna is shy and introverted. Known to collect books and read quietly to herself. She enters her first year of High School as a recluse, unsure of what to do, and as usually, retracts into herself. Particularly self conscious of the white spot in her otherwise brunette hair. Things become more difficult for her when she meets Kaerou.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Taosym is blasting off again!

Just so everyone knows, apparently there was an issue with google's Picasa service which incorrectly flagged my account for a TOS violation when my account had been marked as ADULT.

This resulted in my GMAIL which contained all my personal data and family contacts, my G+ account, and my old blog. plus everything I ever wrote regarding my pages. suffice to say that I am working hard to restore everyting.