Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm selling prints now on my DA account for the new Lupie picture. Ranging from 5"x5" at $1.29, or 20"x20" at  $24.99. In matte and gloss. This is a test to see if people will be interested in stuff like this in the future. As always I want a build a following, and try to have as much art for free (including any Doujinshi) but instead offer commissions, specialty stuff, and prints.

This helps me support myself and draw for you without having to go through ugly pay sites, having giant watermarks and tiny resolutions. So please help me out and check out my prints, my commission info. The more I can draw, the more I can spend 12-13 hours doing a huge piece like Toothbrush Puppy. Which I completed working full time, over two days. In the future I'd really love to put out a full 24 page Doujin book just for people to have. And then potential make actual prints of it with colored pages to sell. But i'd need to be able to afford to do that first.

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