Sunday, December 2, 2012

Horizon book

This is the Horizon comic I made with artist Ponyo.

Available now on DLsite for $10.19 / €7.84 and features 17 pages of cute, erotic futanariness!

If you would like to order the completely uncensored version, please donate $10.19 / €7.84 to me directly


(The characters Suzu and Adele are not actually underage, only extremely flatchested.)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jushin no Ransu manga now on sale!

This is my collaborative manga with artist Ponyo. This manga totals 17(17ページ) pages, 12 of which are full story. It will be up on DLsite later this week in both English, and Japanese. However due to Japanese law, it will be censored.
If you wish the order this Manga please check it out on DLsite now!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


名前: 従士のランス
サークル: Tanguska(ツングースカ)
画家: Taosym・Ponyo

English and Japanese translations.

Sample pages for my upcoming collaboration futanari manga of
"Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon"
with fellow artist Ponyo.

Available soon for:
DLsite & Paypal

You can pre order「従士のランス」by sending $7.50/600円 via Paypal to:
With the subject:

This manga will also be available on DLsite after release.
All copies are digital only
12 pages story pages + inserts

Release is expected to be early November.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


This was just a really, really dumb image..

I'll probably color this so I put a bit more efort into it.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


This blog will be closing in the near future, i've made a redirect and I will be sending all visitors to my new blog: LupieSoft

Monday, August 13, 2012

Noir VinoCacao

I've been busy lately working on Dizzy Hearts but I decided to share this with everyone, enjoy!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dizzy Hearts montage

右から左へです。1イッレール 2メーシリア 3ネイル 4アーネレー。
From right to left they're. 1.Irraere 2. Mercilia 3. Nail 5. Aunyrae

For mor information about Dizzy Hearts, check out it's blog here!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dizzy Hearts montage pt.2

Rough layout for my coming redesign picture!

Remember that Mercilia picture a few weeks back? It's going to be part of a larger montage.
Plus there are some exciting things i'm going to be doing. The VN is postponed, but the project isn't dead!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random Musings

I didn't really have a particularly good title for this. Really I just wanted to say things, about fetishism. Things i've been thinking about. And just post it I guess. Not that it really matters, or that I think it should matter. Or that it's an issue that should be solved. But once in a while I get a spark that really ignites the argumentative side in me. And I want to talk about things! I said before consider myself a futa artist. I don't think it's really a choice one really makes. But when you think that you really want to draw porn, certain things appeal to you. That's perfectly fine. But futa is a fetish most people see being about excess. Macro is it's own sub genre of fetishism in futa. But it's one most people, outside of it, latch onto when they think of futa. So you can imagine they tend to look at it sarcastically.

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't about futa fetishists being discriminated. But about futanari fans themselves. People will think futa and love stories are mutually exclusive of each other, but they arn't. And you're seeing a huge rise in the trap fetish, not even from people who might be gay, but from straight men and women as well. I think a large part of the attraction in traps. Is the sense of shame and discovery, there's also cuteness and innocence there as well. Dressing like a girl, trying to hide something, and when it's discovered. There is that shame there, and the sense of both lust and wanting to protect it. A sexual and brotherly instinct I guess that you feel, and it's just cute as well. But who ever said you couldn't have a futa story like this? I know that there are artists like "Nekomata Naomi" who've done stories like this, but they are few, or small. And no longer continued. Maybe in large part to the lack of audience for them.

It seemed along the way, people had splintered futa off into being a very excessive fetish. With very large penises and all being about big balls, breasts, muscles, hips, etc. And a lot of people have that fetish, and that's cool. But it's not the only thing that exists as well. And it's not just artists, but fans as well. At some point it became not so popular to see a futa in a cuter, more vulnerable state, and instead use traps. And that futa was a fetish of extreme fetishism. I'm probably biased, I think the first ever hentai I watched was "Parade Parade" when I was young. Shows like "Marimite" and "Strawberry Panic" because at the time in the US, English manga was not available of obscure series. But subbed VHS' were.

I'd like to do my own stories like that. Ones based around discovery, or shame. Embarrasment or fragility, and instilling that sense of protection and lust in the reader. I think those things are moe too. And it's easily possible with futa. Almost more so then most other genres.

Anyways, thanks for reading. This really wasn't any sort of problem, I simply felt the interest in blowing off some steam!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Switching It Up

I switched from Firefox to Chrome a few months ago. And I used an old email attributed to this blog when I made it. During the G+ fiasco, I was unable to use the Taosym pseudonym and was unable to reacquire my email. (as back when G+ came out, they deleted all google services tied to your google log in.) I had a temporary email, which I used to recreate this blog. And i've since switched this to my new email.

I'm also looking into modifying the layout of the blog overall. But that will wait till i'm finished with my current projects.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Comic Plans

I've been working the last few weeks on my comic. There's a few things I want to do and include in it that will take a bit longer than what would normally be a simple comic. And I wanted to make it a full blown comic. Rather than something small and short.

The problem.

When I initially thought of the comic a month ago, I was planning that if I had support, I wouldn't need to charge for it. People would donate if they wanted it, and I would just release a short, 8 page comic. Maybe more. But as I started working on it, streaming, putting out pictures. People who I thought were interested, weren't really that interested. In the end, I sort of want to do the content i'm comfortable with, and that I like. And if people who I was originally targeting. End up not liking what I'm doing I have to pull back and not get too attached. Or worse, frustrated or made. Or depressed or entitled.

Most of what I draw is Tera related, and if people who like Tera still want to follow me, I still want to keep drawing erotica for it (because I like it) but I don't think it's crass for me to want to make a living at it either. Lots of artists do, and I've devoted a ton of time in my life to drawing, even if what I choose to draw isn't what people generally like.

Peach Syrup, I wanted to be a full, complete comic, with a cover, and with as much content as I can pack into it, besides the actual story itself. I havn't finalized everything yet. But I hopefuly in the next few weeks I can work out a solution on how i'm going to distribute it, so that the fans who are following me, and looking at my stuff gets the comic, and I can afford to take more of my personal life and make more of them. I'd love to see that happen.

All my friends and fans have been really awesome so far, even when I don't deserve praise for what I do.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Secret Project Revealed

I talked about it a little bit on my stream a few days ago. I'm currently working on an ero comic for Tera. What it's about, and the script have been finalized. So I won't be spoiling it, or taking suggestions. Though if people like this one, I will probably ask people what they would think about a sequel, and their ideas.

Some people have seen me working on this. I won't post the full draft image yet. No matter how much I get tortured. So you will have to settle for this.

The Good News

There's not enough Tera comics out there, and there's not a lot of people who draw what I like to see. And there is no easy way for me to hop down to Comiket and sell this. Besides, most people who read my blog are fans already. So instead of selling this. I'm going to give it away. I'm not sure how i'm going distribute it (I'd prefer knowing how many people downloaded the comic) but I won't charge a dime for it when it comes out.

The only thing I ask that is that since i'm doing it completely for free, and this represents a whole lot of man hours to do. That if you can, I would appreciate a donation (through Paypal). Which I will post when the comic comes out. You getting the comic has nothing to do with whether you donated out not, it would just be very much appreciated. And potentially allow me to devote more time and effort to drawing more filthy disturbing things.

And as always you can reach me through Twitter, IRC, My Blog, and View my work on Pixiv.

Taosym's blog of erotic art
[pixiv] Manage Works - Illustration
Taosym (Taosym) on Twitter


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New stuff

Going to stream a new picture, requests.. stuff like that.

Currently working on a super secret Tera project for you guys!