Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dizzy Hearts montage

右から左へです。1イッレール 2メーシリア 3ネイル 4アーネレー。
From right to left they're. 1.Irraere 2. Mercilia 3. Nail 5. Aunyrae

For mor information about Dizzy Hearts, check out it's blog here!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dizzy Hearts montage pt.2

Rough layout for my coming redesign picture!

Remember that Mercilia picture a few weeks back? It's going to be part of a larger montage.
Plus there are some exciting things i'm going to be doing. The VN is postponed, but the project isn't dead!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random Musings

I didn't really have a particularly good title for this. Really I just wanted to say things, about fetishism. Things i've been thinking about. And just post it I guess. Not that it really matters, or that I think it should matter. Or that it's an issue that should be solved. But once in a while I get a spark that really ignites the argumentative side in me. And I want to talk about things! I said before consider myself a futa artist. I don't think it's really a choice one really makes. But when you think that you really want to draw porn, certain things appeal to you. That's perfectly fine. But futa is a fetish most people see being about excess. Macro is it's own sub genre of fetishism in futa. But it's one most people, outside of it, latch onto when they think of futa. So you can imagine they tend to look at it sarcastically.

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't about futa fetishists being discriminated. But about futanari fans themselves. People will think futa and love stories are mutually exclusive of each other, but they arn't. And you're seeing a huge rise in the trap fetish, not even from people who might be gay, but from straight men and women as well. I think a large part of the attraction in traps. Is the sense of shame and discovery, there's also cuteness and innocence there as well. Dressing like a girl, trying to hide something, and when it's discovered. There is that shame there, and the sense of both lust and wanting to protect it. A sexual and brotherly instinct I guess that you feel, and it's just cute as well. But who ever said you couldn't have a futa story like this? I know that there are artists like "Nekomata Naomi" who've done stories like this, but they are few, or small. And no longer continued. Maybe in large part to the lack of audience for them.

It seemed along the way, people had splintered futa off into being a very excessive fetish. With very large penises and all being about big balls, breasts, muscles, hips, etc. And a lot of people have that fetish, and that's cool. But it's not the only thing that exists as well. And it's not just artists, but fans as well. At some point it became not so popular to see a futa in a cuter, more vulnerable state, and instead use traps. And that futa was a fetish of extreme fetishism. I'm probably biased, I think the first ever hentai I watched was "Parade Parade" when I was young. Shows like "Marimite" and "Strawberry Panic" because at the time in the US, English manga was not available of obscure series. But subbed VHS' were.

I'd like to do my own stories like that. Ones based around discovery, or shame. Embarrasment or fragility, and instilling that sense of protection and lust in the reader. I think those things are moe too. And it's easily possible with futa. Almost more so then most other genres.

Anyways, thanks for reading. This really wasn't any sort of problem, I simply felt the interest in blowing off some steam!