Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Super Lupie-Based Artbook

I announced DizzyHearts earlier this week. As you know, this is something of a solo project. Which means that all the sprite sets take so many hours, backgrounds take so many hours, and then there are all the CGs which take even more hours, the writing. the coding. I want to get people interested however this won't be an overnight thing.

However I do have time to draw other things, like pictures of Lupie.

I set up that poll because alot of people have wanted to see more Lupie, and i'm more or less shocked by the attention she's received. Meanwhile while I finish the full body sprites for Dizzy Hearts, I will also start working on an artbook. This will be an Halloween themed artbook and will be an Ecchi book. Featuring suggestive and revealing clothes and poses and as such it will be unsuitable for viewers under the age of 18. This artbook will feature eight full-color, full sized pictures of Lupie at 3840 x 2400, 1920 x 1200 and 1440 x 900 Wallpaper formats. Rendered in high quality.

When will it come out?
Sunday, October 9th 2011 by 11:59pm PST
(in two weeks from today)

How much will it cost?

This artbook will cost $6 and I will be distributing it personally, following a paypal payment. This is because early as I learn more about vendoring, I do not fully trust yet, and must research further.

On top of this, for every new person that you bring to my page, who then purchases my artbook, you will receive a $2 discount off the book. So if you suggest this artbook to 3 people, then I will give it to you for free!

One more thing!

Because I really value your feedback, criticism, etc. Now's the time you can leave comments BELOW regarding this book. Please cast your vote for what Halloween costumes Lupie will try to wear this October in the comments, but remember that this is serious business!

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  1. This is very exciting!
    I'm looking forward to that game, and would totally buy that artbook several times! ^^