Friday, September 9, 2011

My type of erotica

When you start getting into erotic art. You usually start off very tame, vanilla sex, etc. I was probably lucky that I grew up during a time where the internet was exploding, and ofcourse, so was porn. I must have been around 12 years old when I got exposed to porn. From the beginning I always remembered that I was never much interested in 3D porn. To me, it lacked emotion, a mood, it lacked soul. There was something about erotic art that had a piece of the artist inside it. That by extension of his/her art, you could see into that person, and know his fetishes. I was always sharing fetishes even back then.

I don't remember what started it all, but the earliest memories I have is starting to RP way back on On IRC. While I was running D&D campaigns with my brother, and our friends/stepbrothers, whoever we could get in that night. Back then there was a lot of negative press over D&D. My father allowed me to play it, but he wanted me to be the hero. His reasoning I guess, is that if I was influenced by it psychologically. It would be in a positive way. Maybe that was true, because I never really liked being the evil character.

I knew I got into anime at a very early age. My mother would take me to Hollywood Video when I was a kid, we each had a rent between my brothers. I was renting volumes of Macross, Thunderhawks, Gundam, Thundercats on VHS. I even snuck once or twice to the adult section, and spotted La Blue Girl and looked at that cover a few times. I never got to watch it back then. But when the internet boom started, and I had my first computer, I ended up downloading it. My tastes had since refined and I ended up finding it fairly forgettable. Along with most hentai that I watched. About the only thing I remember back then that I actually liked was Parade Parade, I think that was the start of my Futanari fetish.

But now with the internet the way it is, artists have an audience to create things that they could not sell, advertise or really share with anyone. With an audience you can find people who are pretty much into anything, no matter what it is. People are always pushing the boundaries of fetishes, but in 10+ years of watching, reading, writing, or drawing erotica. My fetishes have always stayed the same. I might have added some fetishes, but i've never really felt like I needed "more of it", if I was into Futanari years ago, today i'm into the same kind of Futanari. The only thing that's changed is the availability of it.

What I want to do with my Erotica, is not try to make things, bigger, younger, etc. Not try to push the boundaries of what people will like, but try and expand the fetishes I like. For the most part, what I like to draw is Futa, Lolis and Yuri. I don't think that will change. But i'd like to make characters that I just don't see out there, things that i'd like to see. And hopefully some people like it too.


  1. I also prefer 2D art to 3D porn. 3D porn arouses me just as well, but when I fap to art, it's more pleasurable and involved, since I'm using my imagination vividly and creating the scenario. It's like instead of watching people have sex, I *am* having sex.

    My fetishes are pretty specific too, and I also want to put them into reality more. It's a noble goal, I think; good luck with it.

  2. Yea, pretty much the same here. Thanks :)