Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Drow Princess

Secretive by nature, these Dark Elves are a very suspicious bunch. Not your conventional type of Drow. it is a race of seemingly all females. Wary of outsiders few travelers have ever seen inside their territories, or cities, the race survives by a rare birth trait of hermaphrodites. Hereditary, the families that are known for this trait are often of royal blood, though it is possible for an outsider not in the royal family to be born this way. Drow live hundreds of times longer then your average human so it is the duty of these gifted royals to create as many offspring as possible in their long lives. as only 1 in 1000 women are born with this trait. It is thus very common for dark elves of this persuasion to have many, many wives. The average, fully female Drow however far outnumber their opposite gender, and so it is common for Drow to have partners, or wives of the same sex.

Pictured here the young Mercilia, who is the princess and current heir to her clan. And Nail, her personal confidant and bodyguard.