Saturday, October 29, 2011


Right now I switched to Tumblr. The main thing that i'm not liking about Tumblr, is that I can't look at statistics about my blog. I can't see pageviews, popular posts, etc. It also doesn't give people a warning they are entering an adult section. To me that's an issue, because I don't want people to see this stuff unless they want to.

That's why I am usually very uneasy about posting my art on G+. On one hand I want to show people who like it, but i'm also worried that people who don't want to see it, will see it. Giving me a reputation I don't want to earn. Another thing is I didn't really like the fact that Tumblr doesn't have ways to add comments beyond liking and reblogging. I like responding to comments, and the only way to do that on Tumblr is to send messages. Not that blogger was much better, since their comments didn't allow you to post anonymously either. On top of this I was worried that a lockout on G+ would shut down my blog too.

In the end I'd like to lower the amount of websites I use. I have a Twitter, but everyone who follows me is also on G+, and I never really post anything on Twitter that I don't post on G+. So why am I using Twitter? Twitter is very popular as a social networking tool in japan, but i've seen most people here pretty much just use G+ and only G+. I guess the less websites I use the better, the more condensed my viewerbase is, the better. Allowing me to reach more people at once without having to have a million and a half links.

I'd like to hear other's thoughts.

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